Velké Losiny

Village on Losinka brook, first mentioned in 13rd century. In the year 1589 was built on place of old castle the new Renaissance chatea. Today it is one of the most proved Rennaisance chateaus in Moravia. In Velké Losiny was originated in the year 1592 spa by Jan from Žerotín. Spa complex was several rebuilt and it is surrounded with park from the year 1861 with many rare species. Interesting is also Renaissance church with cloister by F. A. Sabastini.

Infocentre - Lázeňská 674, 788 15 Velké Losiny, tel.: 583 248 248, e-mail:

Velké LosinyVelké Losiny
Velké Losiny
Velké LosinyVelké Losiny
Velké Losiny
Castle Velké LosinyCastle Velké Losiny
Castle Velké Losiny
Church in ŽárováChurch in Žárová
Church in Žárová
Paper manufactoryPaper manufactory
Paper manufactory
Sight of Velké LosinySight of Velké Losiny
Sight of Velké Losiny
Chateau in Velké LosinyChateau in Velké Losiny
Court of the chateau
Main spa-bulding in Velké LosinyMain spa-bulding in Velké Losiny
Main spa-house